Think of Me

Don’t think of me in black and grey
but as forests and the oceans spray,
lemons ripening in the sun,
rivers racing then calm and still.
Remember redness in my cheeks
after standing in the breeze
or from long walks in the snow –
Remember me, the one you know.

Don’t dream of me in black and grey
think of me as strawberries,
and raindrops glistening in the trees.
Remember orange in my laugh,
and pansies, pinks and violets.
Don’t picture me in black and grey,
that’s not who I was or am today.

Don’t see me as a ghostly shadow,
or something that you just imagine,
don’t see me as black and grey,
not now, tomorrow or yesterday.
Remember gold in my kisses,
turquoise music, silver wishes,
beating hearts as we cuddled,
aqua reflections in purple puddles.
All I ask – remember me,
who I was and will still be.