Questions we are often asked

Do I need to use a Funeral Director in my area?

The simple answer is no, you can use any Funeral Director of your choice not just one local to your area, we cover all areas.

Independent Funeral Directors are often more competitive than larger or corporate companies. If you feel unhappy with the Funeral Director you have chosen, you can move your loved one into the care of another company.

Can I ask for a quote?

It is perfectly acceptable to ring around for a quote, we encourage you do this. All Funeral Directors must display their fees on their website, in branch and in the window, this is to offer greater transparency to families. All Funeral Directors should be happy to supply a written estimate of costs on request. Funerals are VAT exempt.

How can I pay you?

You can submit the funeral invoice to you loved one’s bank for payment. Even if the account has been frozen, subject to sufficient funds, they will pay your Funeral Director directly.

Do you reuse the coffin?

Absolutely not, your chosen coffin is cremated following the service. We do not remove personal items that you have placed with your loved, nor do we remove the handles.

Is embalming necessary?

There is no legal requirement for any loved one to be embalmed, unless they are being repatriated to another country. However, it is advisable to carry out embalming, if you wish to have chapel visits. Some Funeral Directors will carry out embalming and charge you, even if you are not having chapel visits.

Are the ashes just my loved one?

Some people worry that the ashes that are returned may contain the ashes of the previous cremation, this is not the case.

It is Illegal to cremate more than one person at any one time, exceptions can be made if there is a mother and baby or if there are twins. We would require written instruction from the next of kin, to allow us to do this.