How do funeral directors cope, when we loose someone?

Funeral directors need to be able to distance ourselves from your emotions. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to help and support you while you grieve and make arrangements for your loved ones funeral. 


So how do we cope when our loved ones pass away?  We grieve just as you do, our emotions range from sadness and anger to acceptance. I asked a fellow funeral director how she coped, when she lost her dad, this is what she said. 


After losing her dad suddenly in 2017, her world fell apart, it was the funeral arranger, who helped and supported her. 


At the hospital she was given the devastating news that she had 3 hours left together, sitting beside him chatting, a million thoughts filled her head.  Having to stay strong for him, as her heart was breaking. 

Leaving the hospital having said her final goodbyes, the anger welled up inside of her. Outside the hospital people carried on as normal, oblivious as  to what had just happened, she just wanted to scream that her dad had just died. She felt cheated, that he had be snatched away, when they  still had so much to do.

Even now there are still times when, a song or memory brings a tear and a smile at the same time. 


So yes we grieve, yes we go through the same emotions as you,  it doesn’t get easier, but you learn to walk beside grief, healing every day, treasuring the memories that have been made.